As homesteaders, we have a never-ending list of chores. There’s food to harvest, wood to cut, and buildings to repair, and that’s just the beginning. Faced with this endless list, we sometimes forget about the dangers we face every day. How many times do we get up in the morning and head out to tackle the next task without thinking of our own safety?

Inherent dangers come with a homesteading lifestyle, such as a careless mistake with a chainsaw, a tumble from a barn roof, or an encounter with a bear. Every year, thousands of people find themselves unprepared to handle an emergency situation and in need of rescue. The ability to build a shelter, make a fire, or render first aid can make all the difference. When I was growing up, some 50 years ago, my father told me that if all you carry is a

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All About Growing Sorghum
One of the most versatile members of the grass family, sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) can be grown for grain, crafting, and processing into sorghum syrup. Appropriate sorghum cultivars must be chosen for each use, but all types are as easy to grow as corn
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Trees Of Power: 10 Essential Arboreal Allies
Partnering with trees allows us to build soil; enhance biodiversity; increase wildlife populations; grow food and medicine; and more. Trees of Power explains how we can work with these arboreal allies, specifically focusing on propagation, planting,
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Metal Tomato Strainer
With the ability to separate seeds and skins from the pulp, this high-quality, metal tomato strainer saves you time when canning and preserving. Featuring a versatile, dual mount system, the tomato strainer can be securely mounted via the suction cup