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 Matthew Evans

The food critic turned farmer-restaurateur has written an “ode to farming animals and eating animals”. On his Fat Pig Farm in Tasmania, the unabashed meat-eater has learned how difficult it is to fill the

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Simon is a professional gardener, author and baroque bassoonist. @simon_rickard Not many fruits ripen in May and June. The late summer-and-autumn bounty of deciduous fruits has finished, while the subtropical fruits of winter and spring have not ye
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What Gt Loves This Month
Rolex has released its new Tudor collection for 2021, including the classic 1926, now available with a pure white dial and soft leather strap. Understated and elegant, it’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. rolex.com Unlike wine, fresh is best when
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A Taste Of Langhorne Creek
Made from a single vineyard selection of estate-grown fruit, this one is for classic chardonnay lovers. The wine adopts its name from the French term ‘bâtonnage’, referring to the winemaking process of stirring the yeast lees when the wine is in a ba