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Now, more than ever, it’s possible to dine (and drink) in good conscience. As restaurants and bars turn their focus to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, issues such as food wastage, using single-use plastics and excessive transportation of produce are being addressed.

Restaurants such as Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel in Victoria’s Dunkeld, Arimia in Western Australia’s Yallingup, and The Agrarian Kitchen in Tasmania’s New Norfolk are leading the farm-to-table movement by growing their own produce. Saint Peter and Nomad in Sydney have adopted a nose-to-tail ethos, making use of the whole animal to promote a strong connection with food origins and reduce waste. At new Melbourne bar Byrdi, you won’t find imported spirits on the menu; in place of mezcal, they are making their own smoky spirit, taking charred Yarra Valley pears and

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Hotel News
The Sydney CBD is now home to its own Little National Hotel (the first opened in Canberra in 2015). The hotel is petite and pared back but still features luxury details. The rooftop bar and sprawling co-working space make up for the compact size, alt
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Getting There
Jetstar and Qantas fly direct to Ayers Rock airport from all main centres. Transfers between the airport and Longitude 131° are included in rates. Rates for Longitude 131° start from $1700 per person per night, for a minimum two-night stay. Package
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Notes On Vinegar
Use good-quality vinegar that contains at least 4-6 percent acetic acid; poor-quality vinegars contain less acetic acid and are not good for preserving. You will find the acid level of vinegars listed on the back of the bottle. If you want to preserv