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Travelling to foreign places doesn’t only provide you with wonderful memories to last a lifetime; it can actually leave you in much better health – both mentally and physically. Instead of thinking of travel as a luxury, the vast benefits suggest we should make it a much bigger priority for our wellbeing.


Just the mere thought of a holiday can make you feel more relaxed, whether your dream getaway involves outdoor adventures or exploring a new culinary world. Even a short holiday has been shown to lower perceived levels of stress, leaving us feeling well-rested and in a better mood. Decreasing stress and cortisol can work wonders for your entire body – slowing down ageing, reducing your risk of heart disease, boosting your brain health and extending your life span. A 2000 study in also found that people who don’t take a holiday for several years are more likely to suffer heart attacks. If you

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Regular or caged eggs are commercially farmed, meaning that the chickens are raised in cages and the treatment is often quite poor in terms of beaks and wings being clipped, and having minimal exposure to sunlight or outdoor spaces. Cage-free means t
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Good Health
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From your favourite smoothie to that superfood salad, eating well and keeping up with the latest healthy food trends isn’t cheap. Research shows eating healthily can cost three times the price of a less nutritious diet! But the good news is, nutritio