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In recent years, the term ‘energy vampire’ has been used to describe a person who sucks up someone’s energy. Dr Northrup says this type of person is someone who

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Change Is Coming...
Every year has a sort of astrological “signature” – a central theme or story. This year, one of the signatures is a series of rolling Jupiter/Pluto alignments – one of which takes place this month. Jupiter is the planet of plenty, Pluto is the plan
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CHECK the label
Gone are the days when protein powders were reserved solely for bodybuilders and athletes – they are now a common pantry item for snacks, smoothies, or a convenient way to refuel muscles in between the gym and your next meal. The most nutritious and
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Things To Remember
»» Not all overthinking is problematic – it can even be pleasurable or helpful. We can spend a lot of time thinking about positive experiences, exciting projects and upcoming events we are looking forward to! Overthinking is harmful when it’s based i