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Conversations around health and happiness have expanded at a rate of knots, to include not only blood pressure, what you put on your plate and how you move your body, but also how high your cortisol levels are, what your gut bacteria profile is like, and what your grand life purpose is. However, there is something that is often left out of the discussion – sex.

Matty Silver has been a sex therapist for almost a decade and has seen first-hand how issues in the bedroom are so often at the core of unhappy relationships, heartbreak and even unhappiness in general.

Problems in this realm are incredibly common, but because bringing up your body shame, inability to climax, poor performance or total lack of sex isn’t exactly casual conversation, people tend to draw the conclusion that everyone else’s sex lives are just dandy.

In Matty’s new book,, she demystifies many of the common misconceptions about sex in 40 eyeopening chapters. From mismatched libidos, affairs and anxiety, to bisexuality, threesomes, menopause and toys, no rock has been left unturned. Ultimately, she hopes the book will encourage people to feel more comfortable talking about the ‘S’ word.

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