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Mention to a friend your unbearable period pain and it’s not unusual to be met with a response like, “Ugh, me too” or “I have some pain killers if you need them.”

If you were experiencing multiple days’ worth of pain in any other part of your body – say in your chest, abdomen, leg or head – every month you would promptly book in a doctor’s appointment to get to the bottom of it.

Period pain, on the other hand, tends to be brushed aside with a dose of over-the-counter pain medication, a hot water bottle, or a

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Different Labels
Regular or caged eggs are commercially farmed, meaning that the chickens are raised in cages and the treatment is often quite poor in terms of beaks and wings being clipped, and having minimal exposure to sunlight or outdoor spaces. Cage-free means t
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Good Health
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Rick’s Simple Seafood Supper
“I’m very keen on poaching fish – I think it’s an underused way of cooking. Salmon, sea bass, snapper… I even poached a bit of mahi-mahi the other day. And, for me, the best way of serving it is with a simple dollop of mayonnaise – and I mean homemad