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Doubts about stock theft decline over festive season

Livestock theft remains a serious threat to agriculture, despite an announcement by the National Stock Theft Prevention Forum (NSTPF) that incidences of this crime showed a decline

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The Dog For The Stockman And How To Choose Him
Sheep dogs have been invaluable to stock farmers for many decades and even centuries. However, the dog must be able to work. This article explored the characteristics that a farmer should consider when choosing a sheep dog. When selecting a dog, two
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ASF In Communal Pigs Threaten SA’s Pork Exports
Although over 70% of South Africa’s pigs are produced within geographical compartments intended to minimise threats from economically important diseases, urgent measures are needed to enhance biosecurity and health controls within the balance of the
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Fighting Leaf Miners: Part 2
Leaf miners have a wide range of host plants that includes many weeds and ornamentals. If it were not for parasitoids, these plants would be decimated. Simply put, when a new land is planted, leaf miner flies will arrive from surrounding vegetation,