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“FOCUS ON feeling good THEN DIRECTING THAT energy towards YOUR DESIRES”

you’d be forgiven for writing off Gabrielle Bernstein as the kind of self-help author who floats through life on a cloud, wrapped in spiritual cottonwool. After all, she meditates twice a day, she doesn’t eat sugar and she literally puts her phone to bed (a miniature wooden one with silk sheets that was given to her by good friend Arianna Huffington) an hour before she heads off to her own. But you’d be wrong. Her new (and, reveals plenty of bumps in the road, from drug addiction to a stress-related gut crisis and fertility struggles. By her own admission: “I write books related to whatever I’m working through.” In the case of her latest one, her most upbeat yet, she says, “I started writing it when I’d come out on the other side of a tough time. I was pregnant and riding that wave of feeling good.”

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