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These unique, hand forged, Australian made bladed tools of unparalleled quality and traditional design are now available direct from our forge. Used by farmers, government departments, tradespeople and home gardeners for over 15 years. You will love these heirloom tools.

HAND FORGED TOOLS BY MICHAEL DRINKWATER 289 Middle Creek Road, Greta South, Victoria 3675 Phone: 0417

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The Broody Hen
A hen that is broody (clucky) will display a variety of behaviours. This includes: not leaving the nest, bad temperedness, not roosting at night, sitting staying in the nesting box, pecking you and even flying at you when you try to remove eggs, and
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DRIVING through the countryside, I feel a contented familiarity here. Although I haven’t visited for years, it’s the same paddocks rolling by that I would have scanned with a child’s eyes. The same warm sun gently lulling thoughts into a contented wa
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A GIFT From The Greeks
IT WAS the Roman poet Virgil, in his epic Aeneid (30 BC), who coined the warning that entered English as “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. From the time of the first herbalists chamomile appears as a welcome gift from the Greeks. Let me tell you it i