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I’ve been in the auto industry my entire professional life. I started turning wrenches at a small truck shop straight out of high school, then went to a Dodge dealership doing electrical and front end work. After the economy crashed around 2008, I left the dealer and went back to school while working at a truck shop and auto supply store between classes. After doing

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Diesel World5 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Robbie Watson owns his own wrecker service in Branchland, WV and has been an automotive enthusiast from his earliest memories, rebuilding and personalizing his bikes, wagons, and toy trucks since he was about five years old. “Later,” he says, “the be
Diesel World6 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
The 60 Year Demonstration
International was one of the first truck manufacturers to start pushing diesel engines in light and medium duty trucks. Back in the March 2018 issue, we told you about the 1963-68 International half and three-quarter ton diesel option and how they we
Diesel World3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Short Timer
The 1970s would bring about one of John Deere’s biggest model line updates, the Generation II tractors. The previous New Generation tractors had brought John Deere (JD) to the top of the tractor sales heap in 1960, beating the behemoth International