Deer & Deer Hunting


Last season, while many of you were anxiously taking to the woods and preparing for the upcoming season, getting ground blinds squared away, setting stands, checking out the first rubs, ogling pics from your trail-cams — all of the things we cherish each year — I was listening to Doc Collier, a brilliant oncology radiation specialist, deliver these shocking words: “I’m afraid you’re about to enter the worst three months of your lifetime.”

He went on to lay out my October and November schedule, one looking much different than yours I hope. Mine would

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Deer & Deer Hunting5 min letti
I remember the look of astonishment on my world history teacher’s face as he gazed at the picture, at me and then back at the picture. “Is this Photoshopped?” he asked incredulously. “No, it’s real,” I replied. In 2019, females comprised 21.7% of the
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Revenge Of The… deer?
Everyone knows colliding with a deer on the road can be dangerous, but what happens when a deer rear-ends you — in a quiet residential neighborhood while you’re doing yard work? Ask Joe Jameson, of Fayette County, Georgia. In his residential area, ne
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From The Woods To The Wall
As much as the storyteller within me aches to gin up at least measurable drama, the episode I want to relate evolved much too rapidly. On my periphery in the gray morning, there suddenly emerged a splendid buck, and within three seconds, the hillside