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It seems that in the world of whitetail bowhunting these days, things are forever changing — for better or worse. Calling tactics that were once foreign to most are now used by everyone, and scent products fill the shelves of every sporting goods store. Treestand hunting has become so popular that most deer now walk around with an eye to the sky. Some say these products and tactics have evolved over time and have made us better hunters. Others say they’re less effective now, because everyone is using them and deer have become educated.

But there’s one hunting tactic that hasn’t changed much over time and works just as well today as it did back in the day — spot-and-stalk bowhunting. This tactic dates back to early American Indians, who hunted with wooden bows and flint-tipped arrows, and wore deer skin cloths for camo. It’s a tried and true tradition that, if done correctly, will always work — once you learn the steps involved in being a good whitetail ground pounder. I’ve broken my blueprint for spot-and-stalk bowhunting

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From The Woods To The Wall
As much as the storyteller within me aches to gin up at least measurable drama, the episode I want to relate evolved much too rapidly. On my periphery in the gray morning, there suddenly emerged a splendid buck, and within three seconds, the hillside