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here once was a time when two types of hunters turned on each other and argued the woods wasn’t big enough for the both them — at least during the same season. One group argued their way was more pure, and any advancement in technology would lead to the demise of the whitetail herd. The other group laid out evidence that their new way was no more efficient

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Deer & Deer Hunting5 min letti
Mentality Of A Traditional Bowhunter
Not too many years ago, there was no tra ditional bowhunting. It was just bowhunting. Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong era. In a world where bowhunters rely on their sights, releases and drop-away rests to perform correctly, traditional arc
Deer & Deer Hunting3 min letti
WHITETAIL Maternity Ward
One spring, I got a call from a rural mail carrier who wanted to know what he should do with a fawn he discovered bedded in the middle of a gravel road on his route. I told him to place the fawn off the edge of the road in some high grass, and its mo
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Off On The Right Track
Pick up any magazine like this one, query “big bucks” on any social media outlet, scroll “hunting stories,” on any online hunting site, and you never need search far to satisfy your hunting fix. But I bet it’s rare to see a search engine blown up by