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our maximum effective range, or MER, is the point at which you can assemble five out of five arrows into the circumference correlating to the vital area of the animal you’re pursuing. Eight inches for pronghorns or small deer, 10 inches on average for large deer or black bear, 14 inches for elk, just as examples. Taking the life of another living creature is damn serious business and two out of three isn’t good enough. Range is most emphatic to bowhunting because bows and arrows are inherently short-range

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Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
Next World Record
What will the next world record typical whitetail look like? Will it have the awesome width of Milo Hanson’s magnificent, big-framed buck with its 27?⁄?-inch inside spread? Or the tremendous mass of the Jordan buck, with its soaring 30-inch main beam
Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
When Deer disappear
I was stoked! I came within a whisker of having a decent buck enter bow range and had seen several other deer during my afternoon sit. I couldn’t have been more confident for the next day’s hunt on the isolated alfalfa field. Not seeing the buck that
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The Tiny Gland That Tells It All
The ability to assess correctly the general well-being of white-tailed deer is a prime requirement for proper herd management. Appraisal of relative physical condition based on fat deposits provides useful information on energy reserves, but such ind