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Muzzleloader deer hunting has evolved in most states thanks to evolving designs in muzzleloading rifles. Originally, state wildlife management agencies enacted special muzzleloader seasons to allow hunters to kill deer with primitive firearms before modern gun seasons opened. Technology modernized the muzzleloader in a parallel course with rapidly expanding deer herds.

Because of their effectiveness and increasing popularity, muzzleloaders are no longer a quaint portal to the simpler hunting of yesteryear. They are now almost as reliable as centerfire rifles, and some are effective to ranges that rival or even outpace some centerfire cartridges. Consequently, they are now a vitally important tool for managing deer populations.

There’s a distinct charm and an undeniable challenge in hunting with a traditional, primitive style muzzleloader, and we admire the hunters who hold true to their heritage. We also admire the ingenuity that has made muzzleloaders attractive to new generations of hunters. There is plenty of room and plenty of deer for both, so hunters should unite behind these Top 10 muzzleloading opportunities.

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Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
Winter Velvet
Have you seen a “cactus” buck? Probably not. That doesn’t mean a spiny desert plant shaped like a deer. Rather, it’s the rare phenomenon that occurs in deer with some testosterone deficie ncy. Often, these deer exhibit biological aberrations, such as
Deer & Deer Hunting2 min letti
Avoid A Common Peep Sight Pitfall
I have spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with peep sights through the years. I’ve tried all sorts of peep sight designs and aperture sizes. In the old days, we all used the original Fine Line peeps with rubber tubing that made sure th
Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
When Deer disappear
I was stoked! I came within a whisker of having a decent buck enter bow range and had seen several other deer during my afternoon sit. I couldn’t have been more confident for the next day’s hunt on the isolated alfalfa field. Not seeing the buck that