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North African–Style Poached Eggs

Forgive me while I take a minute to gush like a perfectly poached egg about why I love shakshuka. This dish features eggs gently poached in a bright, savory tomato sauce fragrant with warm spices and spiked with red pepper and pops of fresh herbs. The runny yolks mingle with the sauce, and everything gets scooped up with pita or crusty bread. It is often customized with additions such as crumbled cheeses, olives, sausage, or ground lamb—making it an excellent breakfast-for-dinner option—and may be further enlivened by condiments such as harissa, zesty herb sauce, or even tahini.

I’m not alone in my devotion: This North African dish has long been a favorite across the Middle East and Europe, and in recent years its popularity has spread to the United States. As

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