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A study led by UCLA economics professor Dora A Costa examined how the terrible conditions in Civil War POW camps affected not only the inmates, but also any offspring conceived online on October 15, 2018.

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Grant’s Hammer
MUSING ON THE VICKSBURG CAMPAIGN TWO DECADES AFTER IT OCCURRED, Ulysses S. Grant singled out two subordinates as the best “division commanders as could be found in or out of the army.” These two officers were John A. Logan and Marcellus M. Crocker. G
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Pocket Praise $688
ON MAY 22, 1864, a Union soldier known only as “Roy” began a letter near Milford Station, Va., but had to shove the unfinished note in his pocket to rejoin the march. On May 25, he pulled it out to complete his message, recently sold by Cowan’s Aucti