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Looking to tone up in 2020? Wonder why you can never quite shift those extra pounds? Struggle to stick to a fitness regime? The solution might lie with the stars.

For hundreds of years, astrologers have helped people to make decisions about love, career and finances. Now stargazers are using their knowledge for health and fitness benefits with astro-slimming, and working out the best fitness regime for each individual star sign.

Matching an eating plan and exercise option to your sun sign means you will be more likely to enjoy your workout and stick to a healthy diet. No complicated birth charts needed – read on for

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Tony Ferguson, 35, from Southampton As we walked round the abandoned fort in Gosport, Hampshire, my friend Paul Cissell’s dog Sam suddenly pricked up his ears. ‘What’s up, Sam?’ I asked him. ‘I think he’s picking something up,’ Paul said. ‘Let’s go
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Every month I choose three cards totally randomly. Ask your question (it can be anything), choose your card and then look down to get your answer – no peeking! A wonderful new start beckons and you’re on the right track. Drawing this card is a posi
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About Julia Clarke
Julia Clarke creates sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces. She works with willow, both dried and living, with wire, steel, paper, and ceramic. Natural materials and environmental concerns are an important element of her work, and the rhythm of we