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There’s been a huge explosion of interest in witchcraft in recent years. According to data collected by Trinity College, Connecticut, in the USA, there were an estimated 8,000 practising Wiccans in 1990. By 2008, that number had risen to 340,000 – and it’s thought that there are around 1.5 million people identifying as pagan or Wiccan in the USA today. In the UK, too, more and more people are taking an interest – a 2011 government census found there were 12,000 Wiccans in England and Wales. And of course, not all witches are

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From The heart
I took this photo on Boxing Day 2019 at a church in Suffolk. While sitting in a coffee shop later that day, scrolling through my photos, I came across this image. There were war graves in the churchyard. No one else was there. I’ve been back a few ti
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Outer Source
It’s been a month for weird domestic discoveries. In New York, a woman called Samantha Hartsoe investigating a strange breeze in her bathroom mirror – only to find an entire, hidden three-bedroom apartment behind it. Documenting the whole thing on
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