Blue Water Sailing

The Atlantic Crossing Guide

Having recently sailed across the North Atlantic, the new cruising guide from England’s Royal Cruising Club holds a special place

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Blue Water Sailing2 min letti
Crossing the Digital Divide
It is fun to look back and think about how much our sailing and cruising technology has changed in our lifetimes. Sextants gave way to Loran and SatNav and then everything gave way to GPS. With the development of PCs, Macs and laptops, digital chart
Blue Water Sailing4 min letti
Cruisers Are No Longer Welcome In Tahiti
A CRUISING AREA AS WIDESPREAD AS Europe, beautiful nature, friendly locals and Tahiti as a hub with expensive, but expansive infrastructure to get repairs done and stock up on provisioning and boat parts. French Polynesia used to be a cruiser’s parad
Blue Water Sailing10 min letti
What Worked, What Didn’t After Year 12
Fortunately, this year while sailing the world and the south east coast of Africa, on our Valiant 40, Brick House, we had only one product failure, some good successes and some promising equipment to install. Our Moen, plastic, galley faucet had been