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Sunflower is the single seed best for bird feeding — at least, that’s what I’ve been telling people since I first started feeding backyard birds in 1981. It attracts a wide variety, from chickadees and sparrows to jays and grosbeaks. Sunflower’s high protein content is nutritious, and the high oil content is extremely

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Short-eared Owl
In the popular imagination, owls are often regarded as denizens of dense and spooky woods, hiding by day and hooting it up in the darkest night. The Short-eared Owl breaks all of these norms. It lives in wide-open spaces — fields, marshes, tundra — a
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To Catch A Warbler
Before a warbler takes to the sky with a tiny geolocator, researchers must catch it, and that is not always easy. Just ask Hankyu Kim, who is completing his Ph.D. dissertation at Oregon State University examining the routes, behaviors, and habitats o
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Birds that made headlines in October and November included a Barred Owl in New York’s Central Park, a Black-throated Blue Warbler at a preserve in metro Phoenix, and a Common Cuckoo at a state park in Rhode Island. The cuckoo and warbler were found w