Stardust Nebula Necklace

IDRAW MANY OF MY DESIGN IDEAS from the unique splendor of nature. For this design, inspiration came from one of my greatest loves, the stars and galaxies in the night sky, and their endless beauty. To me, the shaped beads in this pattern represent spiraling galaxies in the infinite universe.

I enjoyed blending the bead shapes and colors to create Stardust Nebula. Follow my design and weave intricate components that evoke the mysteries of the universe, then connect the components to create this galactic-inspired necklace.


Circular ladder stitch
Circular and tubular netting
Circular peyote stitch
Two-needle netting



5 g silver-lined brown size 15° seed beads (A)
2 g semi-glazed navy rainbow size 11° seed beads (B)
42 bronze 3×6mm CzechMates prongs (C)
91 matte metallic flax 3×10mm 3-hole CzechMates beams (D)
42 matte metallic copper 5×6mm 2-hole pressed-glass Nib-bit beads (E)
97 red bronze luster iris opaque 2mm firepolished rounds (F)
84 matte blue iris 2mm pressed-glass rounds (G)
54 matte metallic antique copper 2mm pressed-glass rounds (H)
44 metallic suede blue 4mm pressed-glass rounds (J)
2 matte blue iris 6mm pressed-glass rounds (K)
14 metallic suede blue 8mm pressed-glass rounds (L)
1 metallic suede blue 10mm pressed-glass round (M)
5 metallic olivine alabaster 10mm pressed-glass ripple beads (N)

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Altro da Beadwork

Beadwork10 min letti
Assemblage: 60 Backstitch bead embroidery: 49 Brick stitch: 30 Crimping: 59, 61, 64 Die cutting: 62 Knotting: 62, 64 Ladder stitch: 8 Netting: 8, 34, 37, 49, 54 Peyote: 8, 37, 49, 54 Picots: 42, 46 Resin: 60 Right-angle weave: 26, 34, 37, 42, 46 Sing
Beadwork7 min letti
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