Peadar Beaded Bead Set

STITCH COMPONENTS using seed beads, MiniDuos, and Vexolo beads that can be used to create wonderful geometric beaded beads. Different configurations can yield an intriguing tassel necklace, a beaded bead bracelet, and a pair of fun earrings!


Circular netting variation
Simple wireworking



3 g dark coral galvanized Duracoat size 15° seed beads (A)
2 g rose galvanized Duracoat size 11° seed beads (B)
1 g dark coral galvanized Duracoat size 8° seed beads (C)
52 metallic purple polychrome 4×2mm 2-hole MiniDuos (D)
28 white lila vega luster 5×8mm 2-hole Vexolo beads (E)
1 alabaster vega luster 8mm pressed-glass round
1 dark brown 14mm wood round
1 padparadscha 14mm Polaris bead
3 silver 22-gauge

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