Star of St. Petersburg

STITCH LAYERS OF SEED BEADS and shaped beads to form a bezel around a Swarovski crystal rivoli and suspend it from eye-catching straps made with St. Petersburg chain.


St. Petersburg chain
Circular and tubular netting



8 g dark bronze size 11° seed beads (A)
2 g turquoise Picasso opaque size 11° seed beads (B)
2 g matte metallic copper size 11° seed beads (C)
1 g dark bronze size 8° seed beads (D)
32 matte copper 2.5×3mm Minos par Puca beads (E)
62 rose gold ceramic opaque 7×4mm 2-hole Paros par Puca beads (F)
8 turquoise Picasso 9×5mm 2-hole Kite beads (G)
1 foil-back topaz 18mm Swarovski crystal rivoli
2 antiqued copper 5×8mm oval jump rings

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