Diamond Mosaic

beginner friendly!

TEACUP PRESSED-GLASS BEADS give the geometric, diamond-shaped GemDuos a softer look in this mosaic-inspired bracelet.


Right-angle weave variation



0.5 g gold-lustered amethyst size 11° Demi Round seed beads (A)
0.5 g gold-lustered hydrangea size 8° Demi Round seed beads (B)
56 metallic suede light green 4×2mm Teacup beads (C)
28 saturated metallic red pear 4×2mm Teacup beads (D)
16 polychrome aqua teal 8×5mm 2-hole GemDuos (E)
30 matte metallic silver 8×5mm 2-hole

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