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The new cure for aging that yogis will love

We’ve been hearing whispers of the mysterious face yoga for a while now, but its popularity seems to be skyrocketing as new studies back up its effectiveness in reducing the signs of aging.

According to a preliminary study at Northwestern University in the US, face exercises may be helpful to a select number of students. The study indicated that face yoga could help middle-aged women in improving cheek fullness. Founder of , Fumiko Takatsu, has been practicing for 15 years, and has written six books on the topic. Her ‘before and after photos’ at least provide convincing anecdotal evidence to support this curious craze. She promises that practicing face yoga will help tone the muscles under the facial skin and increase circulation and blood flow – resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion. And guess what? She offers courses online (starting at around $25). Check them out or browse the plethora of free face yoga practices on Youtube (be prepared to find yourself down a serious rabbit hole!)

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