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The secret to memory could be hiding in your backyard or sitting on your kitchen windowsill. It turns out sage is not only good for smudging, yogis! Studies show that sage can significantly improve cognitive performance, along with other positive benefits like reducing inflammation and enhancing relaxation.

Mundane meditation as good as a perfect practice

New preliminary research is discovering the benefits of a meditation practice – off the mat. The study looked at a group of new meditators over nine weeks who, instead of taking to the mat for meditation, integrated mindfulness into their for the full study.

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Top 10 Questions
1. Why should a yoga teacher consider becoming a Pilates instructor? In the same way that many people find yoga teaching a life changing experience, so can the study of Pilates teacher training. Pilates and Yoga are distinctly different and should b
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Shaucha ( ): purity, clearness of mind, speech and body Santosha ( ):contentment, acceptance of others, acceptance of one’s circumstances as they are in order to get past or change them, optimism for self Tapas ( ): persistence, perseverance, austeri
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Kids These Days
THE CHINESE video-sharing service TikTok combines the brevity of Vine and the story-telling capabilities of YouTube. In 60 seconds or less, the app’s yoga-centric subset of video creators serve up challenge or partner postures to viewers, and spread