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Transform WITH Tantra

TANTRA IS ONE OF THOSE PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPTS that comes with a bit of baggage. Often conjuring up images of the Kama Sutra, Tantra remains elusive to many yogis who may be surprised to learn that the yoga studio they’ve been practicing in is hugely influenced by Tantric philosophies. In fact, many modern yoga studios base their practices on these ancient ideas. Why? Because most forms of yoga can actually be traced back to Tantra, and embracing these philosophies doesn’t require you to renounce all earthly pleasures. You don’t need to follow Patanjali’s moral code to a tee. You can live in the real, modern world and be influenced by Tantra’s inspiring ideas. And, perhaps most enticingly, you can indulge in life’s delights without breaking any yoga rules.

However (yes, there’s a but) - if you want true transformation, you can’t just reinterpret the philosophies to suit your own agenda,

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