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is a stunningly magnificent country; known for its jagged mountains, steep fjords, scenic beaches, active volcanoes and rolling pastures. This makes it a fantastic place to be surrounded by all things yogic, with the country’s beauty being a playground and an inspiration. Luckily, there are some great retreats hidden away amongst the country’s exquisiteness where yogis can go to reconnect with themselves. If you are planning a yoga getaway in New Zealand, here are our 5 top

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Sequencing Method
Focus on the following in each pose: Feel the parts of your body that make contact with the ground, engage your core muscles to support your lower back (avoid gripping or trying to flatten your stomach), and breathe. When we breathe deeply, it can cr
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Hot Pilates V Hot Yoga
Both hot Pilates and yoga are designed to make you sweat. Sweating has many functions beyond cooling you. A Chinese study in 2016 indicated that the levels of most heavy metals were lower in those people who exercised regularly. “Heavy metals were fo
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Returning to Whole
TAMARA GRAHAM RADIATES a palpable human warmth, even at a distance of 4000kms. Talking to her in Perth from Queensland, her voice is neither loud, nor soft; her speech neither fast nor slow. There is a quiet composure, a tender equanimity about her m