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Physicists detect black hole ‘ringdown’

re-analysis of LIGO’s first detection of gravitational waves reveals that scientists can pick up the shudder in spacetime that follows a black hole merger. This shudder, called the , is like.

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Plane Amazing
MY CITY HAS A SECLUDED park that attracts many visitors to admire its colourful flowers and to picnic on its well-tended lawns. It’s also a magnet for artists and photographers. Sometimes, mainly when sunspots are present, I’ll set up my 75-mm refrac
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Constellation Close-up Argo Navis
OF THE 48 CONSTELLATIONS DESCRIBED in Claudius Ptolemy’s Almagest, 47 survive to the current day. The sole exception is Argo Navis, the ship that carried the mythical Greek hero Jason and his fellow Argonauts to the end of the known world in quest of
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THIS MONTH THE HUBBLE Space Telescope (HST) celebrates three decades of continuous operations in Earth orbit. Conceived at the beginning of the 1970s, launched in April 1990, still going strong in 2020 and with a long list of discoveries and incredib