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Lift weights for abs

• Direct abs exercises like crunches build your muscles, but they won’t help you show off a six-pack, because they don’t shift

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Skeleton Stats
• The British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association, the UK’s governing body for the sport, received £7.2 million in funding in the lead up to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. • GB has more Olympic Skeleton medals than any other nation: nine in total.
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Holistic Health
It’s easy to think that your workouts are the most important part of fitness, but if you’re not putting as much effort into your all-round health, chances are you’re undermining at least some of that sweat and toil. Nutrition, sleep, recovery, stress
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Train Like The Pros
REPS: 8-10 of each • Throw straight down • Jump and throw REPS: 60 secs of each • Weighted front plank • Weighted side plank “The planks are to get the core section ready to take load and transmit force,” says McDermott, “and the med ball work is the