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7 steps to a healthy heart

If you want to protect yourself against developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), there are seven things you should know. Researchers at Penn State Uni, US,

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Balancing Act
The gym might be your first port of call after Christmas indulgences, but before you WOD away your roast-potato paunch, consider first taking the time to correct your form and balance out any instabilities. Future you – stronger and more stable as a
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Everyday Occurrence
Muscles contain bundles of fibres within protective sheaths called fascia, which are themselves bundled together. The biggest bundle is the muscle itself. The next biggest is the fascicles, containing the long, single-celled muscle fibres. These are
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Full Stream Ahead
Although most health clubs took the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, many refused to back down, finding creative solutions to stay afloat and proving where there’s a will to workout, there’s a way. Fitness became digitised, and gyms and studios wer