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ASK ANYONE EMBARKING ON A NEW FITNESS ROUTINE AND, REGARDLESS OF THEIR GOALS, THEY WANT TO SEE QUICK PROGRESS. But what if the results don’t come as fast as you’d like? There’s a danger that your motivation will start to wane and that dedicated routine you had followed so faithfully will come grinding to a halt. This is not only disheartening at the time – leaving you feeling as though you made a big effort for very little return – but might also make it

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Glucose And Performance
1. When consumed, all carbohydrates are converted to glucose, the body’s primary fuel source. 2. Glucose is first used for immediate fuelling demands, such as muscles and brain cells. But when it’s not needed it gets converted to its storage form, g
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Rapid Responses
FAVOURITE BIT OF FITNESS KIT? Dumbbells. BEST CHEAT MEAL? Burger or pizza, or cookies, doughnuts and lots of chocolate. FAVOURITE WORKOUT MUSIC? 80s and 90s rock. BEST TIME TO TRAIN? First thing, or early afternoon. BIGGEST GRIPE I
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Meet The Frontman: Alex Crockford
Gracing the cover this issue is fitness model and personal trainer Alex Crockford. The 30-year-old believes in sustainable gains: lifestyle and training changes that can create fitness for life, rather than flash-in-the-pan diets and workout programm