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Class act

RPM Hi Performance

◆ A 60 minute “monster” for riders wanting to push their limits of endurance.

GRIT Cardio

◆ Designed to burn fat and improve

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Australian Men's Fitness1 min letti
The Saw
1 Sit upright, legs extended out in a V, a bit wider than your hips (if your hamstrings are too tight to straighten your legs, sit on a rolled mat). Reach both arms out to the side, shoulder height. 2 Draw the abdominal muscles in and up, lengtheni
Australian Men's Fitness2 min letti
A Weighty Subject
So here we are on the other side of COVID-19 and what have we achieved? Some of us used the time to work out and improve our fitness, but many of us, especially those unaccustomed to working from home, may have used the time to binge-watch Netflix, m
Australian Men's Fitness1 min lettiNutrition
The Smart Man’s Cheat Sheet
■ Some animal studies suggest that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar may promote weight loss by lowering blood sugar levels, reducing fat storage and suppressing appetite. Unfiltered and unpasteurised ACV has dark, cloudy sediment at the bottom