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f it’s improved fitness you’re after, training for a race, comp or target number can be a powerful motivator, keeping you accountable and focused when negative thoughts creep in. But while

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Training Errors
• Overtraining can be more destructive than constructive because your body can only develop at a certain rate. If you’re training seven days per week, you’re not allowing for adequate adaptation and muscle repair. SOLUTION: train a max of five days p
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Hiit Or Miss?
In a world where personal and professional commitments drag us in all directions, time is tighter and more precious than ever. For anyone looking to get in shape, that means getting a big calorie burn out of a quicker workout seems to be a no-braine
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The Smart Man’s Cheat Sheet
• Working out before work is a necessity for many, but its benefits extend beyond simply fitting everything in. When your body is in a fasted state (before breakfast), insulin levels are low and fat stores are the primary source of energy. A recent s