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Avian arsonists

AUSTRALIA IS WELL-ADAPTED to fire – partly due to having been sculpted by it. Aboriginal people have long used fire to manage the land. Their controlled burns shaped the Australian landscape for foraging, agriculture

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Your Society
YOUR AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC Society has consistently provided essential funding to thousands of small-scale projects for more than 30 years. As we enter our fourth decade, we are responding to the dire situation of Australia’s crashing biodiversity, i
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Big Building Birds
MEGAPODES are medium-sized birds with large feet (mega = large; podos = foot), which they use to dig burrows or construct large mounds of rotting vegetation and soil. The purpose of these constructions is to incubate their eggs. This type of nesting
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Conservation Canine-style
IN 2004, THERE WAS no way David Williams, then an environmental science student at Deakin University, in Victoria, could have predicted the chain reaction a last-minute assignment submission would create. A paper he’d written outlined an environmenta