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The Most Perfect Building

for more than 20 years, I’ve found the Pantheon in Rome to be an engaging subject for artistic study and analysis. Built in the year 118 by the Roman emperor Hadrian and converted to a Christian church in 609, it offers an extraordinary example of an ancient Roman interior. The majority of its original materials and details remain intact, thanks to the building’s continuous use and, thus,

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High And Tiny
After an arduous hike to an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet in the High Sierra, Stevens found and sketched the elusive mountain laurel in pencil. Her botanical painting of the flower, completed in the studio, reveals its easily overlooked beauty. Not
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A Powerful Portrait of Power
Edmund Tarbell (1862–1938), was one of the best painters of the Boston School. He first earned a reputation for painting scenes of women in sunlit landscapes in a manner reminiscent of French Impressionism. He proved equally proficient painting women
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Great crises often generate great art along with profound social change. The Renaissance, perhaps the greatest efflorescence of science and art in Western civilization, was sparked in the 14th century by the search for a response to the bubonic plagu