Aldi Medion Erazer X67127

“The whole system purrs very quietly when idling and, frankly, feels like one of the best, most solidly-built PCs we’ve seen from any of Australia’s systems integrators”

I still talk about the day I bought my son his very own full-sized jumping castle for $200 from Aldi. Ever since I’ve been looking for a

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APC2 min lettiIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Chip Chat
Sex toy security flaw could mean you have to ‘cut it off’. Security researchers from Pen Test Partners found some serious security flaws in the male chastity device known as Cellmate. Qiui Chastity designed the deadlockable Cellmate sex toy to enclo
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Clock Works
Overclocking boosts your performance, but what about your street cred? You can boast about your achievements to friends, but when you’re ready to show the world your skills, there’s competitive overclocking. Competitors enjoy a vast community online
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Create The Perfect Portrait With Luminar 4
There are many things to consider when shooting portraits of people, and you’ll want to start by shooting in good light, with a natural-looking subject on a sympathetic background. Even great Raw images will need some post production, and less great