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As an aging jarhead, I’ve always had an affinity for AR-platform rifles, because they share similar fit and form, although clearly not the same function, as semi-auto rifles. ARs, also known as “modern sporting rifles” (MSRs), are markedly tamer than those we employed in the service. Still, fit and form in the context of my service are familiar-feeling and, in a nutshell, comfortable.

While the AR’s fit and form are familiar to me, I also appreciate the system’s multipurpose application. Contrary to what some might have you believe, AR-platform rifles certainly do make exceptional hunting rifles, given appropriate calibers for the game pursued. In the interest of sustenance, these MSRs certainly help fill my freezer. Truth be told, I buy very little meat, and what goes in the freezer is about as organic as it gets.


ARs also make great recreational and competitive shooting rigs. Millions of hardworking folks hit ranges, woods and rural expanses to plink, train and compete in steel, multi-gun, three-gun, long-range and other match shoots. Of course, countless AR owners count another purpose as the system’s most critical application: home defense. And, considering Department of Justice reports of more than three million home break-ins annually, with more than

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