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After several major world events in the last few decades, it seems like more people are becoming aware of the need for a survival plan. Hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, and even civil unrest all remain likely possibilities in nearly every part of the world. However, urban environments offer unique and daunting challenges when it comes to survival.

The idea of being trapped is not something that anyone enjoys thinking about. However, catastrophic disasters can trap even the best-prepared person in a hostile and treacherous environment. Anyone could devote years preparing the perfect bug-out plan only to squeeze everything in their car and get trapped in never-ending traffic after an earthquake. Bugging out is not always a possibility.


Cities experience a unique set of issues that make them more likely to be dangerous during large emergencies than other areas. Staying in a city during times of adversity can be a difficult endeavor. The main problem is the lack of local sustenance resources. Everything a city dweller

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