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More and more people are getting on the road of looking out for their own survival. With a questionable economy, political and social turmoil, and an overall question mark on our way of life people are starting to realize that we need to take our fate into our own hands.

In order to feed themselves and their families more people are turning to hunting, fishing, gardening and raising livestock. In this piece I will look at the options and benefits of raising poultry; chickens to be more specific.


Raising chickens is where most people start when they’re interested in getting to the next level of self-sufficiency, beyond large stores of long-term food storage, and there is more to it than you might think. To learn about what it takes, I visited Woodland Farm in Goshen, Kentucky and Julie’s Happy Hens in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

According to Matt at Julie’s Happy Hens, poultry are considered “gateway animals” meaning that they are usually the animals that most people start with when they are looking to raise livestock as food. Some

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American Survival Guide
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American Survival Guide1 min letti
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Think You Can’t Convert?
Here are six ways to go from a carefree, daily shopper to a store-it-for-a rainy-day prepper: 1. Utilize unused space. Don’t let a small apartment or house keep you from stockpiling necessities. You have more space than you might realize. Utilizin