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The more we talk about prepping and survivalism, the more the dichotomy between the importance of knowledge versus the value of stuff comes up. At ASG, we try to provide a balanced approach and give both of these essential topics due exposure. The fact is, over the long haul, you need a healthy dose of both to be ready to confront the situations you are

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Concealing Your Tracks With Natural Materials
Making anti-tracking shoes with natural materials is strictly connected to the abundance or absence of the proper vegetation you need to make your sole design disappear. By scanning the area, you will soon get the answers and materials you need. You
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Could You Survive? With Creek Stewart
The captivating, new television show, Could you Survive? with Creek Stewart, is an amalgamation of engaging reenactments and ready-to-use, instructional survival skills and techniques demonstrated by Stewart himself. Each episode of this program, whi
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Mike Travis’ Must-haves
(Editor’s note: This is the first in a series that lets you see what our experts consider most important in their preparation gear. Components change with the times; no two loadouts will be the same; and all are proven products and practices that kee