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Watch the birdie

all love birds in our gardens, so let’s put up more bird boxes. Natural nest sites are in short supply and limit the ability of birds to breed, and they will be

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Amateur Gardening5 min letti
Focus On…Raspberries
NO allotment or edible garden is complete without raspberry canes, but how do you ensure that your yields are abundant, flavoursome and healthy? The classic red raspberry is a suckering shrub native to Europe, so it’s well suited to cooler, moister g
Amateur Gardening1 min letti
Editor's Note
“I’m just about to harvest the 27 containers of potatoes I planted in March, and I find this a really nerve-wracking time because I have no idea of how successful my crop is until I turn out each bag. All those weeks of waiting, watering and feeding,
Amateur Gardening4 min letti
Plant For Butterflies
THERE’S something so relaxing about watching butterflies flutter from flower to flower. It’s easy to become mesmerised, and getting lost in their activity is a great way to forget any worries and stresses of your own for a while. That’s why, this yea