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Air-raising adventures

EVERYONE is well aware that in the light, plant leaves take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. However, roots do the exact reverse. Indeed, non-green parts of most plants need oxygen

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Amateur Gardening2 min letti
9 Dahlias For The Border
This decorative dahlia is a cracker, with loosely arranged wavy petals that give it a slightly shaggy appearance. The large flower heads in soft tones of peach mixed with hot pink shouldn’t work – but they do! H: 40in (1m). Some white dahlias discolo
Amateur Gardening2 min lettiArchitecture
3 Groups For Different Situations
Glamour plants The bleeding heart, Dicentra spectabilis, produces heart-shaped flowers on arching stems from late spring to early summer. These look good emerging above groundcover such as sweet woodruff. H:90cm x S:90cm. The clouds of delicate mauve
Amateur Gardening4 min lettiArchitecture
Bark Ringing Technique
NO matter how well you plan, sometimes you face the situation where a fruit tree just grows too big for its allotted space. Pruning the branches back can make matters worse, because the more you prune, the more you help stimulate it into growth. Ther