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The cause of many a post–Christmas lunch coma, turkey is rich in tryptophan, which the body transforms into sleep-promoting melatonin.


High–glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates like rice deposit their energy quickly into your body, causing an insulin spike and making it easier for your brain to access the tryptophan it needs to fall asleep.


Your mother was right. Rich in tryptophan (and warm memories), a glass of milk before bed can help you slide into the land of nod.


Full of complex carbohydrates, sweet potatoes stimulate our body’s insulin production, which in turn increases the amount

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Lunch Lady Magazine
Editor Louise Bannister Creative Director Lara Burke National Advertising & Partnerships Manager Jen Djula Marketing Amy Ryland Published by We Print Nice Things Pty Ltd Wholesale + Distribution sh
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Serves 4 • 1 small zucchini• 2 carrots• 1 capsicum• 1 halloumi or grated cheese of choice• 2 eggs• 4-6 tortilla breads• a small handful herbs of your choice• 1/2 lemon or lime• salt and pepper 1. Grate zucchini, carrots and halloumi coarsely and ch