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, an oversize volume, documents an oversize achievement unfurled across a six-decade span: America’s space program, a remarkable exercise in national ambition, collective technological genius, and individual valor. In shows what the National Aeronautics and Space Administration accomplished after a cold, scared start 60 years ago. From baby satellites to the Apollo moon project to the space shuttle, robot rovers, space telescopes, and other advances, NASA has shaped our vision of the universe and Earth’s place in it. Journalist Piers Bizony, former NASA chief historian Roger Launius, and best-selling Apollo historian Andrew Chaikin explicate 400-plus photos and renderings, examining NASA from its earliest days to its contemporary role in developing tomorrow’s space systems.

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American History12 min letti
Going Dutch
On Tuesday, August 27, 1664, New Amsterdam, a harborside settlement at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, was bustling. Carpenters were hammering. Coopers were assembling barrels out of staves and metal hoops. Tavernkeepers were sweeping floors. T
American History1 min letti
An American Place
…came into being in the 1600s, when Dutch farmers who had traded the Tappan Indians for land 15 miles up the Hudson River from Manhattan gave that tribe’s name to a hamlet they platted. On a lot he bought in 1754 on today’s Main Street, merchant Casp
American History12 min letti
Half In Love With Death
Henry Baldwin spent the month of May 1849 keeping vigil at his young wife’s bedside in Newport, New Hampshire. “Here I sit in the dear chamber—the ‘bridal chamber’—where one short year ago I first pressed to my heart a young and pure and blooming wif