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Sun as lens could check for alien life

Our Sun may be able to shed light on whether life is hiding on a distant planet, assuming humans

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Strange Rings Suggest Planets Are Formed Earlier Than Thought
YOUR FIRST CONTACT WITH THE UNIVERSE Rings detected around a newborn star may suggest that planets are born earlier than previously thought. Stars are born from dense clouds that collapse in on themselves under the force of their own gravity. As the
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What’s In The Sky?
ESSENTIAL GUIDES AND ADVICE FOR AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS In order to preserve your night vision, you should read our observing guide under red light 5 DEC The December Phi-Cassiopeid meteor shower reaches its peak 14 DEC A total solar eclipse will be visi
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ASK Space
Planets have a region around them where orbiting objects can be gravitationally bound. In planetary science this is called the ‘Hill sphere’, named after 19th-century American astronomer George Hill, who worked on the Moon’s orbit. The size of the Hi