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The Magic Plié

IT was my 94th consecutive plié (approximately) that changed my life, and 24 years later, that mystical day still leaves its imprint. I remember standing at the barre on a cloudy afternoon at Auckland City Dance Centre’s studios – my first full-time dance school – obsessively practising the “perfect” plié. After hours concentrating intently on maintaining my turnout muscles, squeezing body and mind to exhaustion, something clicked...

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40 Dancing Years
THIS year Dance Australia celebrates its 40th anniversary – an incredible achievement for an arts publication. Founded in Melbourne by Dally Messenger back before the internet, the magazine is now owned by the Sydney-based family company Yaffa Media,
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When Jade was accepted into the Australian Ballet School’s Interstate Junior Programme, she travelled to Melbourne a few times per year. She was promoted to coryphée in 2015, to soloist in 2017 and to senior artist in 2018. SOME REPERTOIRE HIGHLIGHT
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Outdoor Intrigue
NOW in its fourth year, Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance continues to evolve; this year moving its performances away from a theatre setting into the streets of Brisbane, and featuring local, interstate and overseas artists. As well as perform