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Reignite Your Creativity

As beginning artists, we often struggle with drawing, values, color temperature and edges, but after many hours of practice, our skills and understanding improve. Unfortunately, that’s when a new frustration may set in: Our work seems competent but boring. We envy our peers who seem to have a boundless wellspring of creativity while we’re slaves to the literal, unable to break free from the subject before us. Many artists think, “You’ve either got it, or you don’t. Creativity can’t be taught.”

I dispute that. Of course, not everyone will develop a paradigm-shifting

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The Pastel Journal7 min letti
Making a Splash
The twinkling dance of sunlight on waves, the sleek highlights on sea-soaked limbs or the dark eddies of Venetian canals project powerfully from Daud Akhriev’s sea-inspired paintings, transporting us to the glories and sensual pleasures of summer day
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An Exceptional Acquisition
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, dedicated to the work of the Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh (1853–90), has made a major acquisition that will aid in contextualizing the work of the artist. Earlier this year, the museum announced that a p
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Training As An Artist In The USSR
Akhriev grew up in the former Soviet Union in a system where talented youngsters received special training from an early age. “When I first entered an art school for children, the director asked my mother when I began drawing and painting. She couldn